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    AKtive Soles Races

    AKtive Soles Races


    AKtive's Backyard Ultra - July 13th, 2024

    Join us in the land of the midnight sun for the third year of AKtive's Backyard Ultra!

    The race will be held at Government Peak Recreation Area, the backyard of Alaskas favorite mountain playground, Hatcher Pass. The course is a 4.167 mile (6706 meter) loop through single track and ski trails with moderate elevation gains/losses (300-400ft per loop, depending on your gps). Complete as many loops as you can within each hour to be the official finisher and try to earn your At-Large spot at Bigs Backyard in Tennessee in 2024.

    AKtive's Backyard will follow all standard Backyard Ultra rules and regulations. Racers will receive complete instruction and rules in the race handbook after registering. Day and night loops will be the same. While we brag about our midnight sun, it can still get a bit dark in the wee hours of the morning so headlamps are recommended between the hours of 11-4am.

    The course trails will be clear and well marked but there can be thick vegetation surrounding the trails so always keep an eye out for wildlife and consider bringing bear spray or deterrent (whistle/horn). Weather in Alaska is anybody's guess. We always hope for dry, runnable trails but you should be prepared for rain and mud as well. There are no major water crossings on course but there are several foot bridges that can get slick with rain.

    Register Here!

    Hatcher Pass Races - August 3rd, 2024

    The Hatcher Pass Marathon and Relay is a mountainous run starting in Willow, Alaska. The route follows Hatcher Pass Rd all the way over the summit, and finishes at Independence Mine Parking Area.

    The course has a total elevation gain of 4,943ft, the last mile includes a steep downhill, and then one last uphill push to the finish line. Approximately 20 miles is on gravel road, the rest on pavement (at the beginning of the course). This is not a certified marathon course.

    Hatcher Pass 50 Mile! This course will start at Hatcher Pass Lodge (the official finish) and run down to the marathon start in Willow before turning around and running the course back up to the finish. If you're good at math, you will know this is not an exact 50 mile course, it's really back to back marathons for a total of roughly 54 miles. Relay teams will also be allowed to register for and run the 50, with the same exchange points and each runner running two legs of the race; one down, one up.

    Register Here!

    Veins of Gold - August 17th, 2024

    Starting at Government Peak Recreation Area runners will make their way up Government Peak via the race trail. Once to the top of Government Peak participants will continue to follow the ridge line over to April Bowl and down to the Summit Lake Parking lot. Once at the parking lot runners will continue down the road to Independence Mine!

    The race itself is about 9ish miles with around 5,000 ft vertical gain.

    This race is challenging and covers a variety of terrain including steep uphill trail, loose rock, shale, tundra, dirt road and a tiny portion of paved road at the very end. Weather and conditions can change the terrain very quickly making it more difficult/dangerous. It is ultimately the responsibility of the participant to be aware of their surroundings.

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    The Lakes Trail Fest - September 8th, 2024

    Join us at Matanuska Lakes State Rec Area for an exciting day of trail running!

    Whether you are a seasoned trail runner or a beginner taking your first steps into the world of trail running, this event is designed to embrace all ages and abilities, with varying distances to suit your preference. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself, push your limits, and discover the power within you. We encourage you to bring your family, friends, and colleagues to join in the fun!

    All races will start and finish at the campground area of Mat Lakes Rec Area and will start every 30 minutes beginning with the 50K at 8:00AM.

    Register Here!

    Other Mountain Races in Alaska

    The Alaska Mountain Running Grand Prix Point System complies with the World Mountain Running Association standards.

    Other Mountain Races
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